ICEUR managers have followed the US model of pursuing multiple careers rather than sticking to one lifelong job. When it comes to business, relevant contacts and activities hark back to the early 90s when Eastern Europe opened up to the Western world. Today, ICEUR profits greatly from this experience, from its network, its lean management as well of its flexibility and rapid reaction capability. Over the years, ICEUR has also expanded its geographical outreach to encompass the so-called New Democracies as well as the CEE region. Our main business format are brokering activities which go with consulting services. This is in no way limited to East-West interactions but can include partners from European business or such emerging markets as China, Turkey or Iran. Unsurprisingly, our political connections have proved to be helpful for business clients.

Major ICEUR Projects (listing sanitized for data protection)

Brokering, project acquisition (search for suppliers or buyers, project concepts, initiation of projects)

° Log cabins for cheap housing (Belarusian producer, current)
° Data center services (Swiss IT company, current)
° Host migration (Austrian IT company, current)
° Cryogenic tire recycling (Serbia, current)
° Partnerships for Italian construction group (entire ICEUR area, current)
° Local Italian food (Austria, current)

Trouble shooting (mediation in business conflicts with problematic partners,
new departures/acceleration for stalled projects)

° Mediation in litigation between Austrian and Ukrainian companies (current)
° Facilitating sales of pharmaceuticals in Russian markets (Austrian company, current)
° Positioning of large Austrian construction company in EU-Russian institutions (2013)

Investment (search for investors, processing/facilitation of investment projects)

° Solar energy and environment safe production of hydrogen in Ukraine (Austrian company, current)

Consulting (Seminars, individual consulting)

° Russian financial markets (international clients, 2015)
° Business opportunities in Azerbaijan (various branches, 2013)
° Business opportunities in Kazakhstan (2014)
° Production of brewing boilers in Russia (Austrian company, 2013)
° Broad-gauge railway link through Slovakia (current)
° Business opportunities in Russia (fact-finding mission for Austrian companies, 2011)
° Company law in Eastern Partnership countries (2013)
° Political consulting for various foreign ministries (regular, current)

Despite our tight schedule we welcome any new business idea and proposal. We would be happy to contribute to its realization


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